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We are a guild that is not only looking for good, highly-skilled players but also for players that will fit into our guild chemistry. We are not a guild that berates our own players for better performance and while we push progression, it is not the end all for our guild. What we value most are easy-going, character people that have somewhat of a thick skin (just so they can take some of the ribbing dished out by fellow members). In order to raid, we require vent and all the appropriate raiding add-ons. We are recruiting all classes for our Friday night raid as well as the classes listed below for our Tues-Wed-Thurs core raid. Please click on the "APPLY NOW" button if you are interested.
Death Knight Death Knight Weekend raid only
Druid Druid Boomkin - High, Resto - Medium
Hunter Hunter Medium
Mage Mage Medium
Paladin Paladin Holy - High
Priest Priest Disc/Holy - High
Rogue Rogue Medium
Shaman Shaman Resto/Ele - High
Warlock Warlock High
Warrior Warrior Friday run
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Silence of Blackwater Raiders
Welcome to Silence. We're a simple guild for complicated times. We value good players who really know the ins and outs of the game but above all value good people who really enjoy playing. We are a 25m raiding guild on Blackwater Raiders, we also use a hybrid loot council. We focus mainly on endgame content but generally our members like all aspects of the game. We will be participating in rated BGs in Cata. If interested in joining please register with your main's name and hit the "APPLY NOW" button located at the bottom of the recruitment box.
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We're Moving...
08/04/2011 10:35 AM by Priestion
The guild site will be moving to bwrsilence.enjin.com, sign-up, enjoy watching me fail through site configuration, download mumble as well, please


3/7 Firelands Week One
07/05/2011 11:32 AM by Priestion

A special thanks to Erosis for the screenshot on Ryolith.

(EDIT: Syb has hijacked this post in order to resize the screenshot and make the homepage a normal size again. To view the image in all its truly awesome glory, go here: http://www.silencebwr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=17274#p17274 )

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We Interrupt This Broadcast to Bring You the Slayers of Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions
06/17/2011 11:13 PM by Leeloominai

GRATS guys! Nicely done!

(Also, this:)

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Awesome Raid Week
06/10/2011 05:49 PM by Leeloominai

Both of these guys went down this week, in both of our ten-man raids. Thanks everyone for a job very well done. Next week, onward and upward!

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Karma Chimaeron, You Come and Go. You Come and Gooooooo...
05/21/2011 05:56 PM by Ezhra

Thanks to Mal for the pic and Syb for prettying it up. Let's keep the momentum going!

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04/07/2011 09:16 PM by Leeloominai

Screenshot courtesy of the dead priest visible in the foreground. Nicely done folks!

EDIT: GRATS on Guild Level 25!!!!!!!!!!

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ServerBlackwater Raiders
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